Wedding Mirrors on trend for Autumn 2017

Every couple wants to host a wedding day completely unique to them and with so many novelty entertainment ideas it’s hard to choose what’s right for you. But wedding mirror photo booths can’t be ignored for Autumn 2017 weddings.

With the cost of being a guest at a wedding soaring more and more people are looking for an additional experience to make it all worthwhile.

That’s where mirror photo booths have taken over!  They are one of the hottest growing trends of the bridal world right now and rightly so.

Wedding mirror photo booths like those available at Selfie Mirror NI not only create a centre piece at your wedding reception but engage your wedding guests in a fun activity while leaving you a special message and taking home a special customised print of their night.

What’s great about booking a wedding mirror photo booth is that you aren’t reliant on guests creating their own fun, you have supplied it for them.  Some people can be a little shy about relaxing.  But when you add luxury props and glamorous mirror and the excitement around them people feel much better about posing for funny selfies or having fun with their friends.

So what exactly are you paying for when you book Selfie Mirror NI?


Wedding Mirror

The Selfie Mirror NI, Wedding Mirror Photo Booth is currently the most advanced mobile digital photography experience available in Northern Ireland. As the first and leading supplier of mirror photo booths your guests will be naturally drawn towards it.

Piggy backing on the growing trend for updating social media with selfies and fun pictures capturing the big day, a Wedding Mirror make the whole experience more enjoyable for your guests.

Your Wedding guests can have fun chatting, discussing and laughing about what their next “update” might be.

Our exclusive video messaging, games and new beauty filter, just add to your guests experience and leave them wanting more!


So how does it work?

Behind our full length stylish selfie mirror there is customisable, state of the art photo booth technology which allows you to add graphics and customised branding to each picture taken.

In fact, these wedding mirrors are so sophisticated your guests can operate them with their the volume of their voice; leaving them screaming for more!


Unique Features

  • Signature feature allows your wedding guests to autograph their own image by writing on the screen with their finger
  • Video Messaging to leave you lasting memories of your wedding day
  • Games to entertain all evening
  • New and exclusive beauty filter; step aside Kate Moss
  • Unlimited photo prints for your guests

And by the end of it, each guest will have their own photographic print to take home from your wedding!


What’s the guests experience?

As guests approach the wedding mirror photo booth they will see their own reflection just like a normal full length mirror.  On approach fun animations will appear on screen to invite the user to “touch the mirror” to start.

Once the wedding mirror photo booth has started your wedding guests will see a customised messages and a countdown before 1-4 pictures will be taken.

Wedding guests will then be invited to further interact with the mirror for their unique experience – video messages, games and the new beauty filter.

Finally, guests are presented with their own printed pictures and can even be instantly uploaded to their social media using your personal pre defined hashtags #mrandmrssmith2017

So, when it comes to booking your wedding entertainment think just outside the box because gone are the days of simply offering a wedding disco.

With increased expectations people have a thirst for innovative entertainment that gives them the opportunity to create their own fun.

Exclusive experiences are now a huge part of wedding plans, ensuring that guests are being engaged and their attention being held throughout the night.

Selfie Mirror NI also offer a range of alternative wedding party ideas and DJ services.

These activities act as great stop gaps between the ceremony and dinner to keep guests occupied or can help to add to the magic of your night time entertainment.

Ready to give your wedding guest the ultimate entertainment? Contact us for availability today!