Top tips for booking a Wedding DJ

So you’ve picked the date, confirmed the venue and now you need to start planning the party of the year! Fear not Wedding DJ NI has been the leading wedding entertainment supplier in Northern Ireland for over a decade and we have some top tips to securing the right DJ for your wedding party.


Wedding Entertainment: Tips for booking the perfect Wedding DJ in Northern Ireland


It is important to know the difference between the types of DJs available and what is best for your wedding entertainment.

There are different types of DJs across Northern Ireland so it’s a good idea discuss your overall expectations with your fiancé and your families.

A friend of the groom might be a great mix DJ at the local club, but has limited wedding experience with a mobile system!

Every wedding reception needs the DJ to be a confident MC and work closely with your whole team of vendors. Make sure your wedding DJ is not afraid of the microphone.


  1. When to book your wedding DJ

A bride and groom to-be should book a wedding DJ (or evening entertainment) as soon as they have booked the date and venue. Really good DJs and entertainment book years in advance, especially during peak season (June – August and December!)

We always recommend booking now and have final planning the month prior to your wedding.


  1. Who to book

Experience is everything when booking your wedding entertainment.

Yes, we know your brothers mate was great at a recent party or your uncle can put together a great playlist on his iPod but this is the biggest day of your life and your evening entertainment must reflect the rest of your wonderful wedding day.  A DJ can respond to the crowd and ‘read’ the room so why not leave it to them?

A professional DJ will have a full wedding disco set up, the best equipment and back ups! Ask for a list of equipment which will be supplied for your event.

Finally, Insurance & receipts, any professional wedding DJ will come fully insured and supply you with a receipt for your wedding and any payment received.


  1. Meeting your needs

Your DJ should listen to your needs and what you want out of your wedding disco, ensure they give you time to talk, but also give you advice on what will work for your guests – it might come as a surprise but not everyone has the same taste in music as you.

Any professional DJ with wedding experience will play to the room, while delivering to your needs also; trust us, it will fill your dance floor and give you the night of your life.

As a general rule the DJ will play for up to 5 hours (for a full package – 3 hours if they are following a band). Ensure your DJ choice is flexible on the timings and can set up quickly, with little disruption to you or your guests.

Everyone has their favourite songs and you will want these played as part of your wedding entertainment. Don’t be afraid to give your DJ a play list and let him use this as a guide throughout the evening.


We recommend, if you have songs that you really, really, really want played, give the DJ your top 3 and let him rock them in at the appropriate times.


  1. What can you expect to pay

Every bride loves a good deal but if your paying your wedding entertainment less than you have paid for your wedding cake, something isn’t right! You Should expect to pay between £400 – £1,000 for a professional wedding DJ.

The real value is in experience, time given to you as a couple; pre event planning, support and on the evening and giving you the most memorable end to your special day.

Good wedding DJs may cost a little extra, but will make the entertainment more memorable.


If you would like some more guidance on choosing the right Wedding DJ or if you would you like to hire Wedding DJ NI for your wedding Contact Us

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