Top 10 Wedding Ideas From Pinterest

When it comes to wedding planning, Pinterest is the go-to source for inspirational images, whimsical wedding snaps, and creative ideas that you can adapt for your big day.

We’ve gone through just some of what Pinterest has to offer, to bring you our favourite 10 wedding ideas from the site:

wedding ideas1. Rules for the dancefloor

We love the idea of injecting some humour into the day, and this chalkboard with rules for the dancefloor does just that. Great if you are also using other handmade decorations, such as mason jar flower arrangements, and handwritten seating plans.

The great thing about this idea is that it can be customised to include family jokes, or something specific to the couple – do you have a family member who is well-known for busting out a certain routine? Include it on the board.

wedding ideas2. Industrial itinerary

If you have an industrial or vintage inspired wedding theme, including an itinerary on a decorated pallet is a fantastic way to add additional decoration to the venue. Not only does this serve a practical purpose to help keep everything running smoothly, but it also adds a feature for guests to admire.

wedding ideas3. Decorate the dancefloor

If you are having a glitter or light up dancefloor, you may not need any more decoration, but if your dancefloor is of the standard variety, simple additions such as this light box are a cost-effective way to add the wow factor.

wedding ideas4. Get on your dancing shoes

When women dress to impress for a wedding that usually includes sky-scraper heels. While these may look fantastic for the photos, wedding celebrations last all day, and often long into the night.

If you want your guests to enjoy the reception, and want a filled dancefloor, it’s a great idea to provide comfortable footwear for the ladies to change into.

wedding ideas5. Modern technology

With the popularity of social media, and the likelihood that every guest will have a smartphone with a camera, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be many, many photos of your big day uploaded to the web.

Pick a hashtag for your wedding day (and don’t forget to check that it’s not already taken), and use a cute and attractive message board such as this one to ask guests to tag any photos they upload. That way, all of your guests will be able to find them and enjoy them.

wedding ideas6. Musical memories

For many people, certain songs evoke strong and happy memories. We love the idea of a soundtrack for your big day that you can give to guests as a reasonably cheap wedding favour or gift.

Include the song that plays as the bridal party get ready, the song as the bride walks down the aisle, the first dance between the bride and groom, the song from the father daughter dance, and many more that are significant to the couple and their big day.

wedding ideas7. Fairy lights

Whether your wedding is at an indoor or outdoor venue, as the evening draws in using table decorations such as these fairy light mason jars are a great way to add additional lighting, and create fantastic atmosphere.

They are also an item that can be taken home by the bride and groom, as well as other guests, to be used again and again.

The Wedding DJ NI8. Decorate the DJ booth

Typically at weddings the DJ booth doesn’t get a lot of decorative attention, with a simple table from the venue being used for set-up. Speak with your DJ first to ensure they are OK with it, but why not make more of a decorative feature out of the source of your evening entertainment?

wedding ideas9. Entertain the kiddies

If there are going to be young children at your wedding, keeping them entertained can be a challenge. While some people think of providing games and crafts at a children’s table, this often includes crayons and markers, which may be frowned upon by your venue and create more problems than it solves.

Providing the kids with bubbles is a method of entertainment with minimal opportunities to go wrong, and if you’re lucky will look great in the photos!

wedding ideas10. Date night inspiration

Sometimes when you have been together for a long time, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and stop branching out into doing new things. Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity for your nearest and dearest to recommend great date night ideas, which you can use for many months and even years after your big day.

Now you have all the wedding ideas you need to make your day special and unique and we can give you all the entertainment you need. Check Availability.