5 top tips to planning a perfect hen party

Hurrah! Your bestie is getting married!

And she’s asked you to be her bridesmaid.

Before you get all excited about the dress and the big day…there’s the small matter of the hen doo to plan.

Whether this is the first time you’ve had the honour of being bridesmaid or done it all before – we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you plan the ultimate hen do for the bride to be.

1. The invite list

Under no circumstances put together a guest list without consulting the bride. If she has a wide circle of friends that she isn’t too sure will mix well it is your job to help her decide.

If she wants her granny and her party-loving friends to celebrate, maybe steer her towards a split day or indeed two different hen dos. A day spa for mothers and older friends and family could be perfect and then an evening of hen madness with drinks and the usual hen-do shenanigans could be the perfect compromise.

And when you do finalise the guest list make sure to pick a date well in advance of the big day. Make sure to give people enough advance notice so that the bride’s closest friends and family can be there.

Also – never make the mistake of holding the hen do the night before the wedding as it is just far too risky and could lead to disaster.

2. Be upfront about money

No one likes to talk about money, but you have to bite the bullet. Make sure you are upfront and clear about costs so that no one is in the dark about what they need to pay. Set a realistic budget that is affordable but also makes the bride feel that you’ve all made an effort.

Agree that all guests pay in advance and make sure they do as it will only cause resentment and leave you out of pocket.

By being clear with everyone what they are paying for, i.e. activities, food, transport, and putting the funds into separate envelopes to hand over on the day, you will leave yourself stress-free to actually enjoy the hen do.

3. Focus on the bride

Keep the bride as your focus when making any decisions. Yes, you might want a boozy, dance-filled hen do – but what does she want? If she doesn’t want tacky or crude then don’t even think about including smutty shenanigans in the plan.

Think about what she would like and keep the daylight – don’t try and embarrass her in front of her nearest and dearest – you want her to remember this special day not cringe in embarrassment at the memories.

4. Work together

Choosing what to do shouldn’t just be your decision. Work with the other bridesmaids and always try and build consensus. She has chosen you all as her closest friends and won’t want the hen do to be the cause of any rifts.

Share the responsibility and keep all guests updated on what you are planning. If you are open and honest and make sure everyone knows what is expected of them there shouldn’t be any issues.

5. Have fun

Above all, have fun. Yes, you are in charge of making sure the hen do goes as planned, but don’t forget to celebrate this special occasion with the bride and raise a glass with her to her health and happiness.